Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To provide financial and morale aid
to our current Arizona active duty military, their families,
and wounded warriors regardless of overseas deployment status.


Our Vision:

Through generous and widespread public support
and collaborative team of exceptional staff and volunteers,
we aspire to become the provider of choice for
emergency financial and morale assistance to the
families of our service members and wounded warriors in Arizona.


Military Assistance Mission (MAM) is proud to be serving our Arizona military since 2012. To learn why the organization was founded read a message from our founder and CEO Margy Bons. MAM is proud to offer a number of programs to support our service members and families. Our financial assistance program in particular lies at the heart of what MAM does. Through this program we meet the needs of our lowest ranked service members by paying for items such as rent, mortgage, car payments & repairs, and utilities. To find out more about this and all our programs check out our programs overview by clicking here.


“You stood up for the nation to protect and save all of us citizens of this country. You are ready to
sacrifice your life for us all and I am ready to stand by you until the very end!” – Anonymous