Charitable Tax Credit


Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit

Thanks to the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, Arizona taxpayers have an added incentive to make a donation to Military Assistance Mission!

If you pay taxes in the State of Arizona, you may be eligible to direct those dollars to benefit Arizona military. You can receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for your donation to Military Assistance Mission, up to $400 individually or $800 if you file jointly.*

In Arizona, you do not need to itemize your state taxes to take advantage of this credit. There is a simple form (AZ Form 321) that is included with your state tax filing that you or your accountant will complete.

Just think of what your donation of $400 can do:

  • Help provide food to hungry military families and children in need

  • Assist with rent/mortgage, utilities, vehicle payments and insurance, etc.

  • Provide holiday gifts and back to school needs

  • Educational opportunities

Please hurry! Donations must be made by April 17th, 2018. To donate online today, Click HERE.

*Please consult a qualified tax adviser for personal tax advice. For more information about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, click HERE.*